Why women need women teachers...

Why women need women teachers...

Women need to learn skills from other women.

And it has nothing to do with our anatomies!!

We don’t learn to shoot differently because we have boobs. That’s not it at all.

We learn differently because we think differently.

We want to know the why. The how. The details.


This is why it’s important for women to learn skills from other women.

This is why I have taken training classes designed to teach women how to teach other women!!

When I teach my women’s only classes, I explain things a little differently than I do to my co-ed class.

Over time I’ve found that when I go into detail, explain the how and/or why - the men check out – they’re bored. They simply don’t need the how or why. They don’t want the details.

The women however have the exact opposite response – they appreciate it – they’re more engaged. And as a result, they have more fun in the class and more importantly they learn more.

For us women, the details help us connect the dots and that makes all the difference when we’re trying to learn a new skill. Like shooting a gun. As one student put it, “the details matter... for me they address my fears, my confidence, my inner questions of if I can do this or not.  I could care less about the parts of the gun.  I want to make sure I don’t hurt myself or others.  I need someone to assure me I can do this and remind me to relax and not be afraid. Then, fuck yeah... help me get those holes exactly where I want them because I am a badass. “

connect the dots.jpg

I’m not bashing male instructors. Some of my favorite instructors are men! But I will say I would’ve appreciated someone who understood how to teach women when I first started learning how to shoot. Whether that teacher was a woman or a man!!

In fact, many women don’t know how to teach other women… I recently had a student who took my Women’s Level 1 class because the woman who taught the intro class she had taken didn’t give the why the how or the details. She wasn’t bashing the instructor. She simply realized that she needed more than what was offered in that class.

Sign up for my Women’s Class now, and see for yourself!!

Watch my Beer.

Watch my Beer.