Watch my Beer.

Watch my Beer.

It was a much needed night off at the end of a long week. We went to a local bar for beef jerky & beer pairings – it was delicious, trust me.

So what happened that prompted me to write a blog post on my night off…

2 women approached my boyfriend & me and said, "You look like trustworthy people, can you watch our drinks while we go smoke?"

My internal response, “WHAT?!?!”

My external response, “Sure.”

They went outside to smoke - drinks on the table and purses underneath it - left at the mercy of complete strangers.

When they returned to their table they found their drinks and purses exactly as they left them. They’re lucky - we’re not predators or petty thieves.

How did they know? How could they know? Did they base it off the fact that we’re a couple? Or that the bar is in a decent neighborhood? For all they knew we could’ve been serial killers looking for our next prey. Or petty thieves who would steal a few items from their purses.

In today’s world, there is no such thing as a safe place or a safe stranger.

A stranger who ‘looks trustworthy’ is still a stranger. A bar in a nice neighborhood is still a bar.

Here's the thing, criminals don't come with ID tags. Nor do they announce their intentions. They want to remain unobserved, blend in, and appear harmless. That's the problem with trusting a stranger based on how they look - you may get a woman who teaches firearms safety & self-defense, or you may get a predator - you won't know until it's too late what kind of person(s) you’ve decided to trust with your things or more importantly you life.

Things they could’ve done differently:

  • Finished their drinks before going outside for a smoke

  • Brought their purses with them

  • Waited 15 minutes until their friends arrived (seriously, they trusted complete strangers rather than wait 15 minutes!!)

Criminals/predators will look for the easiest target because they’re lazy and they don't want to get hurt or caught. An unattended purse is an easy target for a thief. An unattended drink is an easy target for a rapist or murderer to drop a drug into.

Consider this - how much easier would it be for a predator to drug a person’s drink if he were asked to watch it? Much easier, right? Once drugged, the victim is compliant, the predator can pretty much do what he wants.

Who’s going to question them leaving together if they’d been observed talking earlier? No One.

This fact sheet has practical advice for staying safe while enjoying an adult beverage. If you don't want to read it, please at least remember these key bits of safety advice: Never leave your drink unattended, never leave your purse unattended and never assume a stranger is trustworthy. Not Ever.

These women were lucky this time, but they might not be the next time around.

#BeAware #StaySafe

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