Why I do what I do.

Growing up as a victim I did not have a sense of self worth and I did not develop self esteem.  I felt hopeless and helpless, a feeling that persisted well into my 30’s.  It was during my healing process that I finally gained a sense of self worth.  I also developed a desire to help other women heal, but I felt that becoming a therapist would be emotionally overwhelming (and to be honest I am not patient enough).  At that time I couldn’t think of another way to help women heal.  Skip ahead a few years when I discovered the world of shooting.  A world that opened my eyes to a different way I can help women, to empower them to take back control of their lives and/or not become victims.
I wish we lived in a world where people didn’t have a desire to hurt other people.  I wish we lived in a world where women didn’t need to be so vigilant to keep themselves safe.  Sadly we do, therefore we must.
My goal, my passion, is to help women take charge of their own safety by making safer choices; developing a keen sense of awareness and ultimately becoming the warrior we are all capable of being.  There are many paths to becoming a warrior, and my goal is to help others find their own path.

I am empowered when I empower other women; there is no better reason than that for doing what I do.

Each time I teach a woman to shoot and I see her confidence grow – my heart lifts. Every time I talk to someone about their less-than-safe habits and I see them make changes to their routine (that make them a little safer) – my hear soars.