Who am I?

Who am I?
I am a warrior.  Though I haven’t always been.  I spent more than the first half of my life being a victim.  I only emerged as a warrior after putting in the hard work, on the path from victim to survivor, and making the decision that I would never be a victim again.  Rising from the flames of victimhood, I realized I wanted to help others become warriors too.
I made the decision to live as a warrior, I gave myself permission to defend myself, and I made the choice to thrive not just survive.  Only I had no idea how to turn the mindset into physical reality.  I had to start somewhere, and that somewhere was taking my first firearms lesson.  It was love at first shot, and I discovered just how empowering it is to know how to shoot.  I took more lessons, and somewhere along the way it clicked, I can other teach women to shoot and empower them they way I’ve been empowered.  While continuing to educate myself, I started training to teach others.   A picture started to develop in my mind of how I could achieve my desire to help other women become warriors.  That picture involves firearms training, and so much more…

Some Fun Facts about me:

  • My two favorite sounds are crashing ocean waves and a purring kitty.
  • I have a BS in Earth and Environmental Science.  I’m a rock hound.
  • I’m rather domestic – for a warrior woman – I’m a great cook and I can sew.
  • I was a Reveler, and then a Sea Dog, at the Bristol Renaissance Faire (which means I carried a sword before I carried a gun!) I also studied ballet, tap and jazz as well as stage combat (as a child, I wanted to be an actress ‘when I grew up’).