Summer is finally here!!


I love the smell of Lilacs blooming. It is the fresh smell of summer.

It’s that time of year again.  Time to celebrate warmer temperatures and sunshine.  Time to get back outside and soak up some vitamin D while enjoying the feeling of the sunshine on my face.  Well, this is how it feels for those of us that live in the north and spend 7-8 months a year with unpleasant to down-right miserable weather.

I want to remind you that while you are out and about enjoying the weather remember to keep your eyes up and ears open.   You don’t want to give a criminal a chance to sneak up and attack you.  Criminals look for easy targets, those who won’t see or hear them coming.

This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to head phones, it means that you want to keep the volume down so you can still use your ears to be aware of what is happening around you.  I usually have one earbud in, and one earbud out.  That way I can still hear.  And my eyes are always up, casually scanning.  I take in all the beauty of nature while observing those around me.   I don’t look paranoid to the casual observer, I look like I am enjoying the scenery.

We are all responsible for our own safety.  Take that responsibility seriously.  Live in condition Yellow.

Lilacs blooming is a sign of summer.


#StayAlert #BeSafe  #SmellTheLilacs #EnjoySummer

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