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Firearms Instructor Accidentally Shoots Person at a Range

I have an issue with this headline.  It should be titled, “Firearms Instructor Negligently Shoots Person at Range” or “Firearms Instructor Shoots Person Because He Ignored The #1 Rule of Gun Handling, While Teaching Students the 4 Rules of SAFE Gun Safety.”

Analyze read the next two sentences and think about them…

From the article: “He was unaware that his gun was loaded.” 

The #1 Rule of Gun Safety: “Treat Every Gun as if it is Loaded” 

If you don’t immediately understand how this is negligence and not an accident, please re-read those two lines.   This instructor ‘didn’t know’ his gun was loaded.  He failed to clear the chamber before handling his gun.  Had he taken the few seconds needed to check his chamber, he would have seen that the gun was loaded and prevented himself from shooting an innocent person.  He is lucky his shot only hit the person in the legs.  A center mass hit or head shot could have been lethal.

The instructor’s attorney says, “He’s very remorseful,” Johnson said. “He’s really concerned about the gentleman that was injured.  He sends his wishes to him and his apologies as well. That’s his main focus, to make sure he’s okay.”   That isn’t going to help the man you just shot because you were careless.  The man now has bullet wounds in both legs because this instructor was negligent.

Someone posted (in a FB group I belong to) that she doesn’t understand why she can’t carry her loaded gun in the classroom, she is a law abiding citizen with a lawfully owned firearm.  This is why.  This is why any good instructor will have a no guns/no ammo policy in the classroom.  This isn’t the first time this has happened and sadly, it won’t be the last.  A no guns and no ammo policy minimizes the risk of accidental (by an untrained student) or negligent (by a trained professional) discharge.

Please, Always follow the 4 Universal Rules of Gun Handling.  They exist for a reason.  Instructors enforce them for a reason.  We want everyone to go home with the same number of holes in their body that they arrived with.

If you are a student and you see your instructor breaking these rules.  Please, for your own safety, leave the classroom and ask for your money back – cite violation of the 4 Universal Rules of Gun Handling as the reason.

#BeSafe #ChooseYourInstructorsWisely



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